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Live @ Ego Death - Nocturne, Toronto, Canada by Fate Æffect on Mixcloud

Here is my live set from EGO DEATH at Nocturne in Toronto, Canada. This set has a bit of everything with noize, industrial beats, dark techno/rave and breakcore to boot.
I would like to thank everybody who played at Ego Death! There was great music all night and was stoked to play with such talented artists Cheers The Databats, David Jones, Deeper Arcades!

Playing at Nocturne in Toronto with the Databats and Deeper Arcades and no doubt another act on March 6th! (I’ll be sure to update the flyer!)

Here are the full details below so far!

Slice and Nocturne present:
A free night of synth punk, industrial, glitch, electro, dark techno, & breakcore!

@ Nocturne, 550 Queen St Toronto
Date: Thursday March 6th


The Databats
Synth punk / Industrial duo live act.
The Databats are an electronic hive collective of noises and thoughts, expressed through sounds and pictures, commonly known as a ‘band’. Across the world and through the internet, they provide a score for their impending doom.

FATE ÆFFECT (Australia)

Industrial / Dark Techno producer from Melbourne, Australia (also dabbling in breakcore these days).
Fate Æffect is a an audio alchemist, a hopped up freak chasing UFO’s with a head full of voodoo creating bedroom beats for the mushroom, transmuting transmissions generating gyrations and sensory awareness.

DΞΞPΞR ΛRCΛDΞS is a retro futuristic DJ duo hailing from the greater Toronto area. Their sound is best described as arcade game sounds & theme songs versus vaporwave, commercial samples and 80s electro styled dance music.


New Noistruct album out called “Annushorribilis” on the UK label Legs Akimbo Records for free download! Featuring bonus remixes from Matt bleak and FATE ÆFFECT! Stoked. Check it out.

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